Sep 18 2021 5:54 PM

Judge Magers Grayson County Fundraiser

Judge Bill Magers' Grayson County Judge re-election fundraiser was co-Hosted by Rex Glendenning and long-term client and fiend, Don Godwin at DG Ranch in Gunter, Texas.

Left to Right: Rex Glendenning, Judge Bill Magers, Don Godwin

Long-term client & friend Don Godwin hugging Rex Glendenning. Don Godwin was lead council for Haliburton in the World's largest litigation case, Deep Water Horizon.

Victoria Greer, Rex Glendenning, Amber Ramsey

Sherese & Rex Glendenning

Judge Bill Magers and wife, Angela

Client and friend, Nagesh Kamarsu with Rex Glendenning

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